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Avoid debts via your credit card by replacing it with revolving credit

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Do you have a credit card? As online shopping becomes more and more popular, it seems that we can no longer avoid it. Also for travelers, it is very useful to have a credit card in your pocket. Just to book a hotel, but also so you can effortlessly pay everywhere. At the same time, it begs the question: isn't a credit card really too easy to use? Do you know how much interest you pay on your credit?

60% of Belgians use a credit card

60% of Belgians use a credit card

A credit card offers you more advantages than a simple payment abroad. You don't have to pay for your purchases directly. This allows you to make purchases or pay your bills, even if you don't have money in your current account. As you would expect, research has shown that in 2014, 60% of the Belgian population had a credit card. But a credit card also costs money. You often pay a fixed amount per year for its use. In addition, you pay interest on the credit used.

Watch out for high rates!

Watch out for high rates!

It is this interest that makes using a credit card a lot of paperwork. Of course, you don't always pay interest on your credit. You often have a few days to a month past due. If you repay the credit used on time, there is no problem. However, if you are late in repayment, you will have to pay interest. A great interest often. In the big Belgian banks, for example, you pay between 12% and 14% of interest for your credit.

Low interest revolving credit

Low interest revolving credit

It is good to understand that you are shocked by this high interest rate. A waste of your money, of course! Are you looking for an alternative? You can then consider revolving credit. In the case of revolving credit, you agree with your lender on a maximum amount to be drawn. Up to this amount, you can withdraw and refund money from your credit at no cost. Of course, you also pay interest on the amount withdrawn. But with an interest rate of 4.5% or more, you save a lot of money compared to a credit card.



How to Protect Yourself From Predatory Mortgage Lenders

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As a home owner, it is up to you to protect yourself against a predatory lender. The first step in doing this is to find a reputable lender to apply with that will take care of your new mortgage for you.

No matter how good your credit is, lenders are interested in checking with you and your assets if you have a poor credit history. You might think you are not risky enough for them to do this. This is probably because you were not aware of your bad credit before.


Some companies make changes and notify you of the changes

mortgage loan

The fact of the matter is that they have an obligation to keep you informed about any changes that are made to your application process. Some companies may be able to make some changes and not notify you of the changes. Therefore, be sure to contact them once you know your credit has declined.

Lenders do not like borrowers who have a high risk profile. They want you to put money down on your home even if it is at a reduced interest rate or if it is a lower amortization rate.

The majority of high risk borrowers have poor credit. Therefore, most lenders will not give out a signature loan. If you are one of these borrowers, it is time to move on to other lenders.

It is important to get a copy of your credit report at least once a year to keep track of your credit history. After a few years of paying your monthly payments on time, your credit report will reflect a better history.


Signature loans

Signature loans

Unfortunately, signature loans are not available to all applicants. You have to use your own judgment in determining if you are going to take out a signature loan.

For example, an applicant with a good credit history will be able to qualify for a signature loan. However, this person may not be able to get a decent loan rate. Therefore, it is important that an applicant have a strong credit history.

When applying for a signature loan, the borrower has to provide a lot of information, so be sure to gather all the necessary information to complete the loan. In addition, many applications will require a mortgage modification, which is an entirely different process.


The borrower will have to reapply for the modification

The borrower will have to reapply for the modification

Therefore, it is important to make sure the modification can be applied for at the time the application is approved. The borrower should try to avoid making more than one application for a signature loan. If there is no approval, it is possible to apply for another loan.

It is important to take the application process seriously and to make sure that the lender does not ask you to sign away your rights. If they do ask you to sign away your rights, make sure you know the difference between an appraisal and a signature loan.

Best Personal Loan For Debt Consolidation

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How to Find the Best Personal Loan For Debt Consolidation

Personal Loan

When a borrower has multiple loans, it can make consolidating all the debts more complicated. When it comes to different credit cards, they carry different interest rates, and in order to find the best personal loan for debt consolidation, it is not enough to simply find the lowest rate. In order to make the most of the reduced interest rate, it is necessary to compare different loans, and make an informed decision regarding which one offers the most advantageous terms.


Different loans are likely to have different payment terms, so it is necessary to research the different lending companies and read the terms and conditions of each loan in order to determine what the best loan will be. Also, a borrower will want to do their homework before actually committing to take out any loan. This can be done through an online search, by contacting several different lenders, or by doing a free online credit check.

Best personal loans for debt consolidation

Best personal loans for debt consolidation

One of the best personal loans for debt consolidation is a home equity line of credit, or HELOC. The best part about this type of loan is that you are only required to pay the interest on the funds you have borrowed, while paying off your other debts. To learn more about how a HELOC works, click here.


However, if a borrower wants to know if a lender is reputable, it is important to do some research as well. It is also essential to find out what terms the lender offers, and if these are acceptable. Once a borrower has discovered the terms and conditions that are being offered by the lender, it will be much easier to decide whether to go with the provider or not.

What should be done before taking any loans?

Before taking out a small business loan, it is necessary to get pre-approved by a lender before the loan process begins. Even though this may sound like an inconvenience, pre-approval ensures that a loan is being offered by a reliable lender. A pre-approved loan will help avoid risk for the lender, as there is no risk of default when pre-approved.


If a borrower is searching for a secured personal loan, they should look for a good lender that offers a low APR. Because secured loans require collateral, the lender may charge a higher rate of interest compared to a non-secured loan. If you are unsure of how APR is calculated, ask your financial professional.


While secured loans are typically the best personal loans for debt consolidation, they are not always the best option. It is possible to find a great offer that is available to all types of borrowers, without having to put collateral up. For instance, a secured personal loan can be used to pay off high interest credit cards.


Keep in mind that many people have a large number of credit cards. If the credit cards are older than six months, they can be transferred to a new credit card company, instead of being reported to the credit bureaus. Having these credit cards is a great way to build up a credit history.


When a loan is taken out on a new card, it is important to ensure that it does not appear on the credit report. Often, older cards have insufficient funds and must be paid in full in order to be listed on the credit report. If you are aware of this requirement, it is best to work with a professional that can assist you with the application process for this type of loan.


If a borrower is unable to apply for a secured personal loan on a secure basis, they can turn to a person that offers an unsecured loan. This type of loan generally has a lower interest rate, and often has a monthly payment that is less than half of what a secured loan would cost. However, the loan amount, and the payment structure are completely dependent on the individual lender.

Before taking any commitment make sure you know the terms and condition

Before taking any commitment make sure you know the terms and condition

Before making any type of commitment to take out a secured loan, a borrower should educate themselves on the difference between secured and unsecured loans. Some terms that are commonly used to describe unsecured loans include revolving credit, term loans, and revolving credit lines. In order to ensure that the loan you are considering is the best personal loan for debt consolidation, it is advisable to speak with a professional before making a commitment.


Consumer credit: production fell in August.

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Consumer credit: production fell in August (ASF)

Consumer credit: production fell in August (ASF)

The production of consumer credit recorded by the ASF was again negative in August. The association, which covers almost 60% of the market in France, nevertheless sees signs of stabilization.

A 3.3% drop in production over one year

A 3.3% drop in production over one year

After a brief increase in July (+ 4.3%), the production of consumer loans by establishments belonging to the Association of Financial Companies (ASF) reached 2,496 million USD in the month of August 2012, a decrease of 3.3% compared to August 2011.

In cumulative data, since the start of 2012, the total production of these loans thus amounted to 23.442 billion USD, a difference of -5.9% compared to the production recorded for the first 8 months. from 2011.

As a reminder, the member companies of the ASF cover almost 60% of consumer loans in France, the monthly balance sheet carried out by the ASF therefore paints a fairly representative picture of the activity linked to these loans.

Slight signs of stabilization of production

For the ASF, this monthly assessment is not intended to be negative, the association observing slight signs of stabilization.

"For the first time since May 2011, the average development over the last three months thus returns - even timidly: + 0.3% - to positive territory," notes the ASF.

The association of financial companies also highlights a certain balance "in terms of mobile annual cumulation". According to the ASF, "the fall in production appears to have been halted and has since May balanced around 36.4 / 36.5 billion USD, an amount which remains however nearly -20% lower than the high point reached in September 2008 ".

Restricted funding up

Restricted funding up

With respectively 896 million USD and 761 million USD, revolving loans and personal loans represent the majority of consumer loans produced in August.

This production is also down, in annual variation, for these two categories up to:

  • -6.0% over the month and - 7.6% over the whole of 2012 for revolving loans;
  • -4.9% and -8.3% for personal loans.

The funding earmarked posted an increase in August 2012 compared to August 2011 (+ 2.6%) with 686 million USD. In cumulative data over 8 months, production for these loans remained negative by 2.6% compared to the same period a year earlier.

3 Ways to Make a Credit Card Today, Guaranteed Fast!

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Credit cards are one of the most popular banking facilities. It is no secret that so many people want to have this one payment facility. There are many advantages and also convenience that can be obtained when using a credit card, so it's only natural that the number of users is increasing every year.

For those who want to have a credit card, it never hurts to immediately apply for this one facility. Until now, there are many banks that provide credit card services in Indonesia, so you will have many choices that can be taken into consideration.

Not always difficult and requires a long time, you can even apply for a credit card in a way that is so easy and fast.


1. Submit at the Bank Where You Save

credit cards

Already working and having income, you certainly have a savings account at the bank, right? In general, every employee will receive their salary through a bank payroll, and can use this to apply for a credit card. It is no problem accepting salaries through any bank, because at present almost all banks in Indonesia have credit card facilities in their services.

In the process of applying for a credit card, the bank will check the financial history, including cash flow on a savings account that is owned. If you apply for a credit card at the bank where you save and receive a salary every month, the bank will be much easier to see cash flow in your savings account.

This will make it easier for banks to make decisions. If the cash flow in a savings account is current and feasible, then the credit card application will certainly be approved by the bank.


2. Submit Through Direct Sales

Applying for a credit card by going directly to the bank will certainly be a difficult thing to do, especially for those who work all week and find it difficult to leave the office. The submission process like this will also take up a lot of time, considering the bank is always crowded with visitors and queuing up.

But don't worry, you can still apply for a credit card through credit card sales that are easily found in many places, such as: ATM machines in banks or even in malls when they hold exhibitions. You can easily apply for a credit card there. Complete all data requirements and contents correctly, so that credit card applications can be processed and approved by the bank.


3. Submit Online Through the Lite Lenders Financial Site

Pay Attention to Interest in Every Credit Card Cash Withdrawal

Nowadays the online system has become the lifestyle of most people. Not only when shopping, but many financial products can also be accessed online, including credit cards.

You do not need to bother to look for credit card sales or even visit the nearest bank that provides it, because enough by visiting financial websites can also access banking services on this one.

Lite Lenders is a fintech website that provides a variety of banking products, such as: KTA, KPR, credit cards and others. In this case, Lite Lenders will act as your intermediary with the banks, as befits a salesperson .

You can find many credit card options there and apply for one of the credit cards at the bank that is most appropriate and suits your needs. Fill in the personal data and complete all the requirements requested, so that the credit card submission can run easily and smoothly.

Furthermore, you only need to wait for verification from the bank. It's so easy and practical all these processes can be done online without the hassle, right?


Complete the Terms and Personal Data Correctly

Complete the Terms and Personal Data Correctly

Having a credit card is often the desire of many people. For the submission process, you can choose several easy and fast ways without bothering to go to the bank. Be sure to complete all the requirements requested and also fill in all personal data correctly, so that the credit card application process can be processed and approved by the bank.

Why use mobile banking? Overview of basic and advanced functions – Loan Monitoring

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The real challenge for banks is not really recreating mobile banking online. In principle, all applications allow the use of basic banking services on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. Making transfers, viewing transaction history, checking the balance and account balance is simply a standard.

It is similar to other basic functionalities. Most banks have created applications that allow you to search for their ATMs / deposit machines and branches, set up and terminate deposits, and monitor your loan obligations.

Polish banks have quite commonly adapted to their mobile applications also such facilities as simplified transfers to a mobile phone, e-mail, and Facebook, the possibility of topping up mobile phones or sending notifications to other people via SMS or e-mail with the account number and other details of settlement directly from the application banking.

Solutions unique for mobile banking


The most interesting, however, are solutions unique for mobile banking - banks have a lot of scopes here, and some innovations are really advanced and may indicate the direction of the development of mobile banking services in the future.

One of them is using the banking application to organize your finances more efficiently. The Good Finance system allows simple archiving of receipts using a camera built into the device and assigning them to individual transactions. This practical solution can work, for example, at the time of unexpected complaints or checks that require documentation of the purchase. Paper receipts fade quickly and tend to get lost.

Good Finance, in turn, provides mobile banking users with a transaction map function. Thanks to it we can see where exactly we made individual payments. Good Finance and GBank applications also give access to the mobile version of the personal-finance manager.

Monitor and improve the flow of money on an ongoing basis

Monitor and improve the flow of money on an ongoing basis

This is an intuitive way to monitor and improve the flow of money on an ongoing basis. When writing about Good Finance, it is worth adding that from mid-May this bank's mobile banking has been enriched with the ability to manage financial operations or receive appropriately aggregated data by ... talking to a mobile application. As Jessica Brown, director of online banking at Good Finance says:

"The ability to manage mobile banking using voice commands is useful in many situations. It's often much easier and faster to say one short sentence than to do the right task on the screen, even with very intuitive navigation. " Jessica Brown also adds that

"We believe that voice control will be one of the main directions of development of mobile applications, which is why we assumed from the beginning that this functionality would be our distinguishing feature."

Another interesting development direction is the automation of boring processes related to banking services. Good Finance, Good Finance, and Good Finance allow you to scan QR codes attached to bills and invoices, so you don't have to enter payment data.

Good Finance goes even further in simplifying these activities. In his application, he introduces a technology that reads transfer data from a photo of a form and automatically processes it into an electronic version.

The third group of more advanced functionalities that are worth paying attention to in the mobile applications of Polish banks is related to geolocation, i.e. the automatic reading of the user's location.

GBank in its mobile banking uses this technology in order to reach the customer at the right moment with attractive discounts and promotions, e.g. offered by a nearby restaurant or store. This functionality is called GBank.

Good Finance also focused on shopping via mobile phones. In its application, it gives direct access to over a dozen stores (including a grocery store with home delivery), and thanks to the integration of banking with the commercial offer, payments can be made faster and easier.

We can be sure that banks have not yet said the last word when it comes to mobile banking.


Most applications for mobile devices already give access to the most important banking services and activities, and the real difference between systems comes from their usability and advanced functionalities unique to mobile devices. It is in these last two elements that most innovation should be expected.

How to subscribe to a first-time home loan?

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Access to the property is the dream of many French people. Are you planning to acquire your very first main residence yourself and are naturally thinking of taking out a mortgage to finance it? Getting a home loan as a first-time buyer is possible. The bank's decision will, however, be based on one essential element: your file. Here's how to complete your first real estate purchase.

What is a first-time buyer?

What is a first-time buyer?

A first-time buyer can be:

  • a person who purchases a home for the first time;
  • a person who has not owned their main residence in the 2 years preceding their mortgage application.

In the latter case, the person has passed from owner to tenant of their main residence. If at the same time, she owns a second home that she rents out, she is still considered to be a first-time buyer.

First-time home loan: on what criteria are banks based?

First-time home loan: on what criteria are banks based?

The criteria studied by the bank in the context of a first-time home loan are the same as for a person who would not be accessing the property for the first time. To have the best chance of obtaining its agreement, your file must in particular show:

  • that you are a good manager (no payment incidents or overdrafts);
  • that you have a stable professional situation;
  • that your debt ratio is not too high compared to your income.

Good to know: buying back credits, a solution
If you already have a mortgage or consumer loan, buying back loans is an effective way to lower your debt ratio.

The presence of savings is also a plus. Even small savings each month will show that you can manage your budget. If it is large enough, it can be used as a supplement. Because you have to know: to be reassured, many banks require that the borrower has a personal contribution equivalent to about 10% of the mortgage applied for.

For a first real estate purchase of $ 200,000, for example, you should be able to provide $ 20,000. This amount will be used to pay all the additional costs of your property purchase, such as notary fees and agency fees. A contribution also facilitates the negotiation of the mortgage rate.

If I do not have a personal contribution, will my mortgage be refused?

No, not necessarily. Some funding organizations are flexible, especially when dealing with a young first-time buyer. They understand that at the start of professional life, putting money aside is complicated, but that this situation is bound to change over time.

This does not mean, however, that your first-time home loan application will be automatically accepted. When it studies your file, the bank will be even more meticulous with regard to your situation, your income, etc.


Mortgage Loan Simulation – Mortgage, Offers

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The mortgage calculator and comparison tool present data based on information collected from banks. Thanks to this, everyone can easily compare offers and find the one tailored to their needs.

Mortgage simulation, or what is the installment calculator?

Mortgage simulation, or what is the installment calculator?

The word "credit" is terrifying. Many people are afraid of hidden costs, but in fact, a little knowledge is enough not to get lost in the maze of offers and choose the best ones.

To this end, Good Finance proposes a simple tool in the form of an installment calculator. Use it because mortgage simulation dispels all doubts.

The installment calculator eliminates the need for complex calculations. You will quickly get to know the installment amount, guaranteeing yourself the comfort and saving valuable time.

Mortgage simulation - how to use the installment calculator


The simple construction of the calculator allows you to use the tool intuitively - three fields have been specified in which you need to mark the appropriate values:

  • amount of credit,
  • repayment period,
  • interest.

After entering the appropriate amounts and interest rate, simply approve it by clicking "Calculate loan installment". The most favorable bank offers are displayed at the top, but the mortgage simulation also allows you to segregate them by APRC, commission and total repayment amount, in an increasing or decreasing manner, depending on the user's needs.

The same types of data are displayed for all offers, making them easy to compare. The Little Em' ly calculator not only allows you to calculate equal installments but also decreasing installments.

In the case of equal installments, their amount remains the same every month. When we deal with decreasing installments, loan repayment starts with higher amounts and decreases over time. What you choose depends primarily on your loan repayment options, i.e. whether your current income is sufficient to cover any higher installments at the beginning.

Mortgage simulation, i.e. choosing the right loan


Remember that mortgage simulation is not tantamount to granting a loan, because banks require the delivery of relevant documents and must first assess the customer's creditworthiness. However, through the calculator, using the "Find the best loan" button and then "Ask for a loan" you can contact the bank service faster and receive a loan proposal that is tailored to your individual needs and possibilities.

The above simulation of mortgage repayment shows that depending on whether you choose fixed or decreasing installments, the loan will cost more or less. Decreasing installments are more profitable. In this case, you can save PLN 15,728.10.

Mortgage simulation - offer comparison engine, i.e. quick access to data


The mortgage comparator does not present a detailed installment repayment schedule, but provides access to the following data:

  • interest,
  • APR,
  • commission,
  • amount to be repaid,
  • amount of installment.

It will allow you to pre-figure out which loan offers are noteworthy because it will display them already sorted, from the most profitable ones from the customer's point of view.

On the same day, I checked the installments, the GFI mortgage simulation was displayed in the first position. The top five most cost-effective real estate financing solutions include loans from the following banks:

Despite the highest commission, Good Finance guarantees the best loan repayment terms. Thanks to the Good Finance comparison tool, you can check the most important information for the borrower, then use the form available on the website and send the application to the bank.

Credit Card Numbers What is the Importance? Check out the following reviews will definitely understand

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For those of you who actively use credit cards, of course understand exactly how easy it is to conduct financial transactions with this one facility. Credit cards are financial facilities issued by banks as a form of their services to customers. Credit cards have a number of credit limits that can be used by credit card holders themselves.

You can hold a variety of conveniences and get one card at a time so it is not surprising that recently credit cards have become one of the mandatory items that must be carried while traveling. Easier and more practical are the two things that can be obtained from this card.

Large limits and sufficient for various financial needs is one reason why credit cards are considered very practical and suitable for most people. But behind all that, these two benefits also deserve special attention, especially related to credit card security issues themselves.

It is important to always be aware of the security of your credit card. Do not let you experience losses due to various crimes that befall you. However, you are the person who will be responsible for all transactions that occur on your credit card.


Treat with care

Treat with care

Looking at the various banking crimes that have occurred lately, it would be very appropriate if you are always vigilant and treat credit cards and all financial facilities carefully. Your credit card contains a variety of important information and a number of credit limits in it. That is why it is very important to always guard against the various crimes that lately occur.

Don't put it carelessly. Because like cash, this card can also be lost and cause losses. Save your credit card carefully. And avoid giving any information about credit cards to others, even to the closest people. Not only physical, but various other information is equally important, especially the number printed on your credit card.


Understand How Important Credit Card Numbers are

Credit Card Numbers are

Advances in technology and information have brought many conveniences in life, including when conducting various financial transactions. Almost all financial transactions can be done online so that various shopping activities and other needs can be done online by anyone and anywhere.

The ease of doing various online transactions is certainly accompanied by a number of risks that are also quite large in it. There are many loopholes for the perpetrators of crime to carry out their actions, including by breaking into various financial facilities belonging to others.


Credit cards are a banking facility that can be used for online transactions

Credit cards are a banking facility that can be used for online transactions

Therefore, it is very important to always keep all information related to the credit card you have. Your credit card has a 16 digit number printed on the front of the card and this is the credit card number. This credit card number consists of a combination of unique algorithms and encrypted in such a way and becomes the distinguishing identity between one card and another.

In other words, no credit card has the exact same number. This is certainly very important to maintain security and prevent acts of counterfeiting of credit cards that have been issued by banks.

Broadly speaking, the number printed on this credit card will contain a variety of important information, including the identity of the company or the credit card issuing institution itself. This is intended to facilitate identification and facilitate all financial transactions that will be carried out with the credit card.


In every online transaction made using a credit card

credit card

You will be asked to provide your three-digit CVV number as proof that you are the legal cardholder. This will also make it easier for credit card issuers to validate ongoing transactions on the credit card. This is important as a form of security for all transactions that will occur on the credit card that you have.

In some cases, credit card fraud occurs online and not due to loss of card in physical form. That is, it is very important for you to keep all information about the credit card you have so that various acts of crime and misuse of the credit card can be avoided properly.


Beware When Storing and Using

credit cards

Related to the various facilities that a credit card can provide, a number of risks also pose challenges in it. Always keep your credit card safe, both when saving and when using it for various financial transactions. This will make all your transactions secure and information about your credit card will also be kept confidential.