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The real challenge for banks is not really recreating mobile banking online. In principle, all applications allow the use of basic banking services on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. Making transfers, viewing transaction history, checking the balance and account balance is simply a standard.

It is similar to other basic functionalities. Most banks have created applications that allow you to search for their ATMs / deposit machines and branches, set up and terminate deposits, and monitor your loan obligations.

Polish banks have quite commonly adapted to their mobile applications also such facilities as simplified transfers to a mobile phone, e-mail, and Facebook, the possibility of topping up mobile phones or sending notifications to other people via SMS or e-mail with the account number and other details of settlement directly from the application banking.

Solutions unique for mobile banking


The most interesting, however, are solutions unique for mobile banking – banks have a lot of scopes here, and some innovations are really advanced and may indicate the direction of the development of mobile banking services in the future.

One of them is using the banking application to organize your finances more efficiently. The Good Finance system allows simple archiving of receipts using a camera built into the device and assigning them to individual transactions. This practical solution can work, for example, at the time of unexpected complaints or checks that require documentation of the purchase. Paper receipts fade quickly and tend to get lost.

Good Finance, in turn, provides mobile banking users with a transaction map function. Thanks to it we can see where exactly we made individual payments. Good Finance and GBank applications also give access to the mobile version of the personal-finance manager.

Monitor and improve the flow of money on an ongoing basis

Monitor and improve the flow of money on an ongoing basis

This is an intuitive way to monitor and improve the flow of money on an ongoing basis. When writing about Good Finance, it is worth adding that from mid-May this bank’s mobile banking has been enriched with the ability to manage financial operations or receive appropriately aggregated data by … talking to a mobile application. As Jessica Brown, director of online banking at Good Finance says:

“The ability to manage mobile banking using voice commands is useful in many situations. It’s often much easier and faster to say one short sentence than to do the right task on the screen, even with very intuitive navigation. ” Jessica Brown also adds that

“We believe that voice control will be one of the main directions of development of mobile applications, which is why we assumed from the beginning that this functionality would be our distinguishing feature.”

Another interesting development direction is the automation of boring processes related to banking services. Good Finance, Good Finance, and Good Finance allow you to scan QR codes attached to bills and invoices, so you don’t have to enter payment data.

Good Finance goes even further in simplifying these activities. In his application, he introduces a technology that reads transfer data from a photo of a form and automatically processes it into an electronic version.

The third group of more advanced functionalities that are worth paying attention to in the mobile applications of Polish banks is related to geolocation, i.e. the automatic reading of the user’s location.

GBank in its mobile banking uses this technology in order to reach the customer at the right moment with attractive discounts and promotions, e.g. offered by a nearby restaurant or store. This functionality is called GBank.

Good Finance also focused on shopping via mobile phones. In its application, it gives direct access to over a dozen stores (including a grocery store with home delivery), and thanks to the integration of banking with the commercial offer, payments can be made faster and easier.

We can be sure that banks have not yet said the last word when it comes to mobile banking.


Most applications for mobile devices already give access to the most important banking services and activities, and the real difference between systems comes from their usability and advanced functionalities unique to mobile devices. It is in these last two elements that most innovation should be expected.

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